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Have you...

Tried DIETING, EXERCISING and FASTING, and not seen results ? OR WORSE all the weight came back!!

"Failed" on sooo many “quick-fix”, fad diets that you feel like nothing works?

Fear maybe there’s something wrong with you because you keep failing

Missed out on events and occasions because you felt too embarrassed to get in to a swimsuit

You too often feel “just not good enough"

You're in the right place



  • Get fast results with this 8-week blueprint, designed to be as Simple and Easy as possible to burn fat fast!
  • No more feelings of confusion, overwhelm, or fear of failure
  • A solid step-by-step blueprint gives you the clarity, focus, and confidence you need to reach your body-weight goals.

Are you ready to lose weight?
Akamaru Vegan Nutrition
Akamaru Vegan Nutrition

Coaching Options 

When you apply for any of my plans, you will receive a free 20 minute consultation to see if you are a good fit. You’ll then receive an email within 24 hours which will confirm whether you were accepted. I only train a handful of clients at once, therefore I cannot take everyone who applies. If you are serious about making a dramatic positive shift in your life, apply now.

Personalized Vegan Meal Plan (monthly)


  • Personalized plant based meal plan tailored to your body composition, weight, height, and allergies (if any)
  • A one week example of meals so you know exactly what to eat 
  • Grocery list of plant based foods (that you ACTUALLY enjoy) that will optimize your health and allow you to easily build muscle whether you want to gain or lose weight 

  • Weekly 1 on 1 message sessions with me through your preferred source of communication to provide further assistance with your meal plan 
  • Further information on how to continue this meal plan long after completion 
  • Lifetime access to my clients-only Facebook group

1 On 1 Coaching (Meal + Workout Plan)


  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi
  • Free Kitchen

I have a gift for you!

It's my Free Course:

How to Go Vegan 

9 Simple Steps To Go Vegan

This course, How to Go Vegan: Transitioning to a Plant Based Diet, provides you with a proven system to get nourishing, plant based meals to the table fast without breaking a sweat in the kitchen. 

Akamaru Vegan Nutrition
In just 4 weeks 
You will have a repertoire of meals and snacks you can count on to be vegan recipes that you will actually enjoy!

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Are you ready to get simple, nourishing, plant-based meals on the table without overwhelm and stress in the kitchen? You can take me up on my gift for you and get my  course or you can join my community.

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Is it difficult to be fit and vegan?

Are you a new vegan who is looking to transition to a plant based diet?  Maybe you ask yourself “What am I gonna eat for dinner at 5pm?”. Or maybe you are not that comfortable in the kitchen or you never learned how to cook vegetables and other plant-based foods? Don’t worry. I have been in the same place as where you are now. And I am here to help you do this! Trust me, it is worth it! And I am so glad you are taking an interest in this lifestyle, looking to improve yours with huge steps! Huge steps, but not difficult steps. I promise!

A vew years ago my current lifestyle was inamaginable. And here I am now, vegan, fit and healthy. Maybe you think it is hard to eat a plant based diet  or maybe you think that you need a lot of time to transition. Or maybe you do not feel that confident in the kitchen.  I hear you!  

At one point in my life I decided to change, and I did it rather radically. Wel, to be honest, that was a bit too much.  I tried to figure out everything by myself. I needed a coach! When I realised that, and acted upon it, my vegan life journey improved, a lot! And that motivated me to become a vegan nutrition coach myself. So now I can be your coach! 

A vegan life style? It's worth it!

A new vision, new skills, and even a heartbased mindset that will greatly improve your health and lifestyle. Yes, you can do this. And it doesn't have to be that hard. Let me introduce to you my approach, my manifest if you will.  

You care!

You need other people and other people need you! Everyone has a sphere of social justice and the groups that we support and advocate for the most. When that sphere expands to include animal welfare then you’re vegan. 

You do!

 Learning and then applying the knowledge that you learn is how you build a skill. Knowing is not enough, you must do!

You progress! 

None of us will ever be 10/10 perfect on our vegan/ nutrition journey, but it’s not about that. When you drift off course, you acknowledge it, learn from it,  then course correct. It’s about making steady maintainable progress by increasing knowledge,  building skills, and confidence. It’s not about being perfect.

Lets get started! Get my free course now!

“Trust only movement. Life happens at the level of events, not of words. Trust movement.” - Alfred Adler

You know what else I did? I became a men's physique competitor!

During my transition to towards living my best vegan life.  I also worked on my physical appereance not only through  mealplans, but also through daily excercises and  I changed fast! Within a year I went from being down and overweight to becoming a ripped vegan champion

Akamaru Vegan Nutrition
Akamaru Vegan Nutrition

Do you want to join the New Vegan Community?

Awesome. Love to meet you there. I wish you inspiration and a lot of support. 

Not only from me, but also from other vegans just like you!

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What my clients say

I took this course because after experiencing the COVID-19 food shortages, I started to rethink my shopping habits and how I am contributing to problems in the environment. I saw lots of course online about being vegan but it wasn't until this course that I realized being vegan has more to do with your personal values than it does with the food you eat. If you can stick to your values, it's a lot easier to make decisions about what to eat. (Especially at family gatherings or social events.) There is a really nice downloadable workbook that includes practice questions to help you clarify why you are choosing the vegan lifestyle, so you can respond rather than react when people ask why you've made the switch. If you are thinking about it and don't know where to begin, I highly recommend this intro course because it will help you organize your priorities and guide you to make the best choice for your personal journey.

Maria Margaritis  MEd, OCELT, B.A, CYW

Thank you so much for sharing this authentic and necessary course with me! It was interesting from beginning to end. I’ve definitely took notes. It helped remind me of my journey and helped make things easier to converse about with others. Thanks so much . Many blessings on your journey to helping the world make better choices!!!

Latoya Blake

This was very helpful especially in getting clear about why I decided to go vegan. Knowing my why is making a difference in sticking with my choice to eat plant based!

Libra Penzone

Vegan life made easy.

A vegan life is about progress not about perfection!