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Join the free New Vegan Community!

Hey You, thank you for taking an interest in the New Vegan Community. The place to be to take your first steps on your vegan journey. A place to feel welcome, inspired and motivated. 

I applaud you for considering taking this step! I know, this transition sometimes comes with possible setbacks, confusion about how it all works and even confrontation with misunderstandings from your social circle. I have been there. And maybe you have too. I have also overcome these challenges. I love to show you how to make the transition into a much more healthy lifestyle.

In this community I will offer you meal plans, nutrition lessons and cooking demonstrations and free resources. This is not only technical and know-how based information. It is also about motivation and community building. We do this together!

I wish you so much health, with a heart focused mindset that is authentically you! 

What to expect:

  • Live’s with tips, lessons and mindset Considerations.To bring you the vegan life with Simbaa as  your coach, inspirator and fellow vegan warrior.
  • Blog Posts with: Vegan 101, Nutrition, Recipes, Social Justice, Environment, Animal Welfare.
  • Meal plans
  • Fellow new vegans to share your ups and downs along your plant based journey.


The meal plans differ according to the season we are in. They are doable, cost-wise and skill-wise. And….They are absolutely free!  

Nutrition Lessons

Do you need extra supplements? Which foods to combine and which not? This is an important part of the vegan journey. I will show you what you need to know.

Cooking Skills

How to peel a…., how to cook a…., should I eat raw or …? can I store…, How to prepare for the week etc. Yesss, you have questions, Of course you do. Let's answer them together and have a smooth and inspired journey.

Welcome, let's begin! Welcome to The free New Vegan Community

Do you want to join the free New Vegan Community?

Awesome. Love to meet you there. I wish you inspiration and a lot of support. Not only from me, but also from other vegans

just like you!

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